The JAGUAR ZTB PM turbo blower series is a high-tech single-stage, high-speed turbo blower derived from aero-engine technology combined with air compression technology. Adopting core technologies such as air suspension bearings, high-precision 3D impellers, and ultra-high-speed coaxial PM motors opens up a new era of high-efficiency, high-performance, and high-stability blowers.

PM turbo blower saves up to 30% in terms of energy consumption compared with traditional blowers and has the advantages of low noise and no vibration; additionally, it does not require lubricant and is maintenance-free.

As an environmentally friendly and energy-saving high-tech product, the JAGUAR ZTB series has been widely used in various industrial fields such as water treatment. The market has recognized its stability.

inside view

Air Suspension Bearing

JAGUAR air bearings are non-contact dynamic pressure bearings that use fluid dynamic pressure generated by high-speed rotation between the rotor and the foil structured bearing and are 100% oil-free and clean.

air bearing

JAGUAR Efficient Impeller

Advanced Aerodynamic System Technology – Aerospace

For the new-generation efficient impellers developed independently by JAGUAR, the moulded lines are designed subject to the concept of 3D flow. The impellers are machined and moulded with the Hermle five-axis NC machine tools so that its design precision is up to 0.001mm.

jaguar efficient impeller

Ultra-high efficiency PM motor

Efficient PM synchronous motor as a drive source, with efficiency ≥96%

Compact motor structure design

Innovative Cooling System

JAGUAR turbo blowers have a complete self-cooling system, where a cooling fan attached to the motor shaft rotates as the motor rotates and draws in cool air, which is then discharged outside the machine after passing through the motor.

colling system

High-speed special inverter

The special inverter is customized according to the characteristics of the JAGUAR turbo blower, which is highly compatible, stable and reliable.

Intelligent Control System

JAGUAR uses high-quality PLC with high stability to precisely control the blower and reduce operating errors caused by interferences.


Pneumatic Conveying of Material, Wastewater treatment, Desulfurization and denitrification, Biological fermentation



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